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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Catching Up

Huh. Been a while.

Between the holidays, babysitting and my all important video gaming, I've been to busy for blogging. But I'm trying to force myself back to some semi-normal habits.

Such as...cleaning the house. Or...playing with my son. Or...taking down the christmas tree. Yeah, that's still up. I've been uber lazy. It's sad.

I've been pretty depressed lately. It's something I struggle with on a regular basis, and it usually hit me pretty hard around this time. Mostly because I miss Christmas, and partly because it's so damn dark outside all the time. This year, it's because I'm broke and I'm waiting for our college/tax/tap money. Then we'll be rolling in the dough and I can take a little vacation/road trip to boost my spirits. Looking forward to that!

Until then, I've just gotta stick around the house and play my video games clean the house.

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  1. It's starting to get lighter here sooner, hope you feel better. Cleaning is a normal habit? I wonder why it's so hard to be normal haha Miss you!


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