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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Zombie Stuff Tribute

I love Zombies. I have this weird fascination with all things Zombie. So, because it's soon Halloween and an appropriate time for it, I thought I'd list my fave Zombie Stuff.

Why Zombies? I don't know. I have this fascination with the world ending and everyone having to survive. I mean, what would it be like to have to grab a bag and run? Travelling from place to place, finding the other survivors. I guess I'm more of a survivalist enthusiast more then anything, but I still like my Zombies.

So, Zombie things I like -

Zombie Book:

Eh, some people like Max Brooks. He wrote the Zombie Survival Guide, and World War Z. it's more of a diary style type writing, and I'm not a huge fan of that. I was in Barnes &Noble and found a highly amusing zombie book, written by Jesse Petersen. Totally awesome, I loved it. it's hard to find a good zombie book. They're all usually depressing, or over written. This was neither. Witty, funny, awesome story. Which I hear is going to be a series. Woot!

Zombie Comic:

This thing gets it's own spot because, technically - it's not a book. It's a comic. I'm not a huge fan of the Marvel Zombies. I don't don't like to think of Wolverine as a zombie. Especially since I named my son after Wolverine, so maybe there's some negative connotations there. Anyway, I've read the black and white graphic novel versions, up to number 12. They're awesome. The perfect depiction of life after Zombies. I love that it's a series, so I can follow these people. Personally, I hope they don't get to reconstructed and fortified, because I love me a good zombie scare and chase. Which brings me to my next selection,

Zombie TV:

All I have to say is, it's about time they put Zombies on TV. I mean, it's nice to have a movie about them - how it happened, the outbreak, the survivors, the rescue. But what happens after the rescue? How do they continue to survive? I want to know -- and hopefully this series lives up to it's expectations and delivers a solid continuing zombie storyline. Unfortunately, I no longer have cable, so I can't make this a big Halloween Night Event, like me and my family wanted. I am very upset about that, but I'm broke. So - here's to hoping they post it online. I'm sure I can find crappy copies on you tube for a few days if I absolutely have to.

Zombie Game:

This one was hard, but I've managed to pick one. I like the Dead Rising series, absolutely love the Left 4 Dead games - but if I have to pick one, I'm picking the original Resident Evil. There was nothing so freaky (back in the day...) than opening the doors in the mansion not know what was behind it. I was truly disappointed that the first Resident Evil movie wasn't IN the mansion. I loved that game. It was creepy - anyone remember that loooong creepy hallway with all the pictures on the walls, and dead leaves on the ground? That was back in the day when games were about gaming, not graphics.

Zombie Movie:

Again, a hard choice. But when it comes right down to it, I seem to gravitate more towards the modern zombie. An escape is an escape only if something is chasing you. It's hard to be scared of slow zombies groaning "blargh" while you skip and dodge around them. Maybe it's just my generation. Anyway, I absolutely adore 28 Days Later. What a movie. The waking up alone, walking the deserted streets of London in hospital scrubs...epic. I love the whole plot, the story, the degeneration of humanity...love it all. Hmm...possibly a good Halloween substitute, since I have no cable......

I have to throw in a second favorite, only because I've seen it at least 5 times since it came out. Me and my husband watch it all the time. Zombieland. This movie fits more in the zom-rom-com genre than anything else, but it still gets my 2 thumbs up. Or more. I mean. Bill Murray, zombie rules, Woody Harrelson with guns, zombie kill of the week? Come on! Fantastic stuff!!! It even trumped Shaun of The Dead - if only by the slightest margin.

So, there you have it. My favorite Zombie things. For some fun, I'm leaving this most hilarious little video for you to watch. Enjoy!

Monday, October 18, 2010

The Never Ending Week


That sums up my week. Things have been so crazy insane, it's....well, insane.

Things started a few weeks ago, my brother had some pain. He has loads of kidney stones just waiting to be popped out, so we knew what the problem was. We still went to the emergency room for some pain medication for him. It took him the whole weekend, - and then some - to pass it. Not fun.

Things were ok that week. Until last Sunday. The whole family went to the pumpkin farm, a yearly tradition. Had a great day, went thru the corn maze, had a hayride, bought some candy apples. We went home and I took a small big nap. So, as soon as I think I'm going to have a nice relaxing night - my sister Lissa calls, she's in a lot of pain and needs to go to the ER.

Since it was late, and we knew we'd be there a long time, her husband stayed home with the kids, and I went with her. Sure enough, about 6 hours later we found out she had some ovarian cysts. We went home, and I passed out at about 5am. Since I had to watch me niece, Rosie, that Monday - my hubby promised to get my son on the bus at 8am so I could get some sleep. At 9:30 - he wakes me up and tells my my sister, Britta is here. I was a little surprised, because she wasn't supposed to be there until 10:30. She tells me she's having pain and she needs to go to the ER. So....off we go, and my hubby watched my niece.

And, once again - 6 hours later, we find out that this sister, too - has ovarian cysts. Pain meds, get rest, blah, blah, blah, and we go home. I take another nap and try and relax.

And then I wake up Tuesday morning with a migraine. Not a little one, a nice big 'you must stay in bad all day with an ice pack on your head' kind of migraine. Not fun. So - that was Tuesday.

Wednesday night, my sister, Lissa, calls me again and says she's having breathing problems and stomach problems. She ends up calling 911 and they take her by ambulance to the ER. Guess who follows? C'mon, one guess? Ok, it was me. We're there another 7 hours before they decide nothing is wrong with her, except maybe some indigestion problems. Maalox, Pepto Bismol, get some rest, blah, blah, blah, and we go home.

Thursday - I settle down, looking forward to an evening of World of Warcraft, and some snacks. Nope, not to be. My sister Lissa calls me, tells me my mom has a really big migraine and needs to go to the ER. So....another trip to the ER for me. I'm beginning to think the universe hates me. We're there 8 hours - I kid you not. They give her pain meds, strong drugs and it takes away her migraine. Cat scan is good, so - yup, you guessed it - we go home. Again, I'm supposed to watch my niece Rosie at 10:30am, and I didn't get to sleep until 7 am. My husband decides to watch the girl so I can sleep.

So, I sleep till 2pm. I needed it. I finish watching Rosie and try to relax. Then my sister Lissa calls, ends up calling 911 again and going to the ER. She broke out in this really bad rash, and had breathing problems. Thankfully it was a short trip this time and we found that she was having really severe anxiety attacks. They gave her a Valium and she was konked out by the time we got home.

Because I had no time to relax all week, I decided to stay up really late and play some games. So I stay up until 5 am and sleep late. I wake up at about 9 with another migraine. Which sucks, because Saturday was my best friends 40th birthday party. I try to sleep and my hubby wakes me up with a phone call from my mother, she was concerned about Lissa. I was ticked b/c I was tired of family emergencies and had a migraine. I finally got some sleep, got rid of the majority of the headache and went to the party. The headache didn't go away until 11pm that night. It was a really long day.

Then Sunday I get to sleep in, relax and play my game. And Lissa went to the ER again. Then Luke wakes up Monday morning passing a kidney stone. And though I didn't go to the ER for these things, it's still a little nerve wracking.

In conclusion - I have had a BUSY few weeks. Let's cross our fingers for a better one.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Catching Up

I need to blog more. I've decided I will dedicate Tuesday to blogging. Now I just have to find something to blog about. Hmmm.

Well, it's been a crazy few weeks. I've been watching my sister's daughter (follow me?) Rosie, 3 days a week. My husband, brother and son are all in school. You would think that that leaves me a lot of alone time. It doesn't. I have housework to finish, projects to complete, and kids to watch. I also have lots of snacks, lunches and dinners to make.

Which brings me to my eating. I had Banana Cream Pie for breakfast. Bad. Very bad. I want to do better...but there's just so much food out there. I've bought my healthy foods again though, so I'm trying to get back on track. I figure if I can eat well throughout the holidays - I can eat well all the time.

Which brings me to the gym. Except - I really haven't been to the gym. I hurt my back again. I don't know what I did, but it's all sore and achy. Fun, fun, fun.

So that's just an update and a catch up for now. I'll be working on my stuff throughout the week and posting on Tuesdays. Why Tuesdays? It's the day my game is down for maintenance. Sad but true. See you later!