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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Life's A Peach

So...it's been an interesting last few days. There's just no other way to describe my life, I think. It's not 'good' or 'bad' or 'fun' or 'boring'.... in truth, it's all of those things. So when I need to describe my life, only one word sums all of that up.


Ain't life a peach?

So, 2 days ago, my Hubby comes home from work, visibly upset. He proceeds to tell me that he got pulled over while leaving home for work. Yup, he was speeding. In a spot where I had told him 84 kajillion times to not speed. Men. Anyway, he finds out that his license has been revoked. Why? We don't know. It just is. He has to call the DMV later today and find out. We think we may have missed a ticket sometime earlier this year. We don't exactly know how...we just...did.

See, when we moved, our address changed got all messed up. Our last name is the same as his parents, and his grandma - and we all lived in the same house. So when I did a family name change online, we started getting his parents mail and they got ours. It took a few months to clear that up. So I think any mail we may have gotten from the DMV didn't exactly get to us.

So now I have to take my husband to work and back for the next few weeks until we have the money to pay off said theorized ticket unpayment. You get that?

That wouldn't be too bad, but my car inspection is like.......7 months overdue. I was supposed to have it inspected in January. So because I don't want to drive an illegal car and get yet another ticket....we had to borrow Hubby's parents van. Which costs waaaay more in gas then a little Honda Civic 2-door hatchback. And since I have to take the Man to work and back...this is gonna be fun.

To top off my interesting week, Time Warner decided to crawl up my butt and start demanding money. Thrill. They want x amount of dollars by, umm...tomorrow. So I had to spend yesterday calling one person, then another to borrow different amounts of money so I can keep my phone and Internet. And I need my Internet. What else would I do? I certainly don't have the money to go out, and I don't have much else to do...so I need my internet.

On a funnier note, my son found a little creek behind our little cul-de-sac. So he goes down to catch fish and crayfish. He caught a pretty big one and brought it back to show me. I got him to pick it up and snapped a pic.

And that's what I got. Love it. He's so funny, my guy. I can't exactly call him little, because he's getting to be as tall as me. But he's still my guy.

Well, that's it for now. Later all.

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  1. Oh no, that's crazy about the lisence! Man on man! Logan's cute!!! And it's a good thing you love Jeremy right, cause love covers a multitude of sins : )


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